Modular Kitchen Manufacturers
Modular Kitchen Manufacturers
Best Modular Kitchen Manufacturers
Modular Kitchen Manufacturer
best modular kitchen manufacturers
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modular kitchen manufacturers
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Best Modular Kitchen Manufacturers
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Modular Kitchen Manufacturers

Cook with Ease, Serve with Love!

Since time immemorial, kitchen has been an integral part of every home. The traditional model has been given a new version, called the modular kitchen. Modular kitchen designs offer a perfect solution for space utilization with an elegant look. This type of kitchen holds factory made cabinet modules for the effective use of space. It can be customized based on the shape of your kitchen.

No doubt, the modular kitchen is better than a regular kitchen, especially in metropolitan cities.

  • It gives you more storage area than regular kitchen
  • Module kitchen holds a sleek, trendy and clean design
  • It gives you the convenience of working
  • Wide range of colors, finishes, and patterns to match with existing interior
  • Quick construction and hassle-free repair are another add on
  • It is easy to clean and require less effort to maintain

Types of Modular Kitchens

Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Delhi NCR, India, DP Doors offers all the popular kitchen layouts which include:

  • L-Shaped Layout

    It is the most common layout which is perfect for small homes. In this, making efficient use of minimum floor space is the priority. L-shaped layout helps you in the easy inclusion of a small dining table inside your kitchen.

  • Straight Layout

    It does not have work triangle because the workflow depends on a straight line. Ideal for the studio as well as loft apartments, it keeps your kitchen area to a minimum and maintains optimum efficiency.

  • Island Layout

    It combines L-shaped or straight line kitchen model with an unlinked island space. This can be used as an extra counter area or breakfast zone or fixed with a sink. It has two opposing working and storage areas.

  • G-Shaped Layout

    Like island kitchen, it also offers a freestanding workspace, providing a secondary counter, work or entertainment area. Linked to the main workspace, it is best for homes with smaller kitchen areas.

  • U-Shaped Layout

    If you love cooking and have large kitchen space at your home, then U-shaped layout offers the most efficient work triangle. With plenty of wall and floor cabinets, it provides you the most storage space.

Why Choose DP Doors for Modular Kitchen Manufacturing?

Since our inception, we have focused on one thing quality which has helped us come a long way. Here are the reasons why we stand among the best Modular Kitchen makers in India.

  • Industry leaders in the wood manufacturing
  • Use of a variety of well-seasoned woods
  • Innovative range of designs
  • Efficient and cost-effective products
  • Stringent quality standards to check damage-resistant and durability of woods
  • Customization available to meet the clients’ unique requirements